Google Hotel Ads Case Study and its Features

Hilton hotels with over 4,250 hotels across 93 countries, Hilton Worldwide aims to be the leader in hospitality and simplify travel for its guests before, during, and after each visit. But given that today’s travelers have more research, booking, and platform options than ever, Hilton turned to Google Hotel Ads to help drive high-quality leads and fuel bookings. Hilton saw five-star results: It improved its conversion rate by 45% and drove a 12% increase in overall ROI.

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Google Hotel Ads is the commission based program driving more qualified leads to the hotel booking page. The Commission Program is a change from Hotel Ad’s previous cost-per-click model that will make it easier for smaller, independent hotels to make use of the Hotel Ads service. They’ll pay a flat commission rate, without having to manage CPC budgets and bids.

Offering direct bookings for your hotel through their search engine instead of separately going to travel portal lets Google do what it does best: give you everything you need in one place, with a sleek interface and easy accessibility.

Learn more about google hotel price ads commission program;


Google hotel ads can be activated for you hotel by collaborating with one of the Google hotel ads partners. Read more to know Google hotel ads commission program.


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