Central Reservation System – A control over you sales

Ideally most of the central reservation systems have the following features that help to manage the hotels seamlessly and at the same time look for the business aspects to increase the profitability of hotels.

Central reservation system.pngThere are many reasons why the hoteliers go for hotel reservation software. Axiom is the central reservation system by AxisRooms. Some of the unique features on Axiom are mentioned below;

All the data you need in the fingertips!

Have real-time access to every information you may need to manage your hotels, through a comprehensive, intuitive and user-friendly dashboard.

Don’t miss anything about your check-ins, check-outs and current guests!

Track customer’s identity details, add adhoc charges and discounts and know the correct status of guests who are expected, the ones about to leave and those currently staying in the hotel.

Boost your hotel sales through our online integrated package!

Axiom seamlessly integrates all the information, coming from the online channels, within the powerful and proven suite of AxisRooms distribution platform. Our CRS is the first complete product with the capability of accurate analysis and reports, gathering all online integrations to increase your hotel sales.



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